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Artipelag is an international venue for art, culture, design and good food beautifully set on Värmdö in the Stockholm Archipelago, just 20 min from the city centre. The mighty, black-tarred building, designed by the architect Johan Nyrén, houses a large art gallery, a number of spaces for events and conferences, a design shop and two restaurants with outdoor seating and a spectacular marine view. Woodchip paths run through the surrounding landscape, and a larchwood boardwalk goes along the seafront, with easy access for wheelchairs and families with strollers. An attraction in itself, according to many. Most visitors are surprised by how easy it is to get here, whether by bus, car or boat. There are 350 parking spaces and also a pier for passenger boats from town. Welcome to Artipelag!


Spectacular Christmas buffet with Cirkus Cirkör. Nov 30th–Dec 15th, 2018. Throughout the evening, guests will experience absolute top-class circus artistry and a christmas buffet at the same time.

Conference rooms

At Artipelag, we help you to arrange meetings and events where the venue will be a memorable experience. We have restaurants of finest international class and spaces that offer endless possibilities for creative meetings and events. The magnificent building’s fascinating architecture, coupled with the peaceful nature and exquisite food, provides inspiration for all the senses. Furthermore, we gladly combine cultural elements like guided tours of the art exhibitions. Whichever meeting you are planning, we will always put a lot of effort into offering you the best room for your needs. In our venue we house everything from the large Artbox to smaller, more personal pavilions and rooms. Our two restaurants with accompanying terraces are also very popular, as well as the entrance hall and the discrete room, Chrysantemum. If your meeting requires absolute exclusivity and solitariness, you can of coarse book the whole venue and we will close for the public!


The Exhibition Hall covers some 1,800 square metres, and our ambition is to host exciting new exhibitions of classical, modern and contemporary art, and to explore the borderland between fine art, crafts and design. You will also find our Artbox, 1,200 sqm of floor space with a 12-metre ceiling height, excellent for conferences and banquets, or concerts and film shoots. The beautiful seafront boardwalk runs between the parking area and the western entrance. On the way, you will pass the guest marina for visiting boats and the pier for the passenger boat to and from town. There are also several woodchip paths that run through the natural landscape of cliffs, forests and fields. Artipelags Roof Terrace itself has a fantastic view of the Archipelago and a small stone labyrinth for toddlers to play in. SUMMER PARTY Mark the end of an intense Spring and the beginning of the holiday season by gathering your colleagues for a summer party, a kick-off, or a corporate event in the Stockholm archipelago. Few places in Stockholm exude summer and holiday vibes as distinctly as Artipelag. Experience the gorgeous water views and beautiful archipelago nature alongside tasty lunches and dinners – available both outside and indoors. SUMMER PACKAGE During 2020, Artipelag offers a lovely summer deal, including transportation, a room and our great summer buffet. Bring your colleagues and experience the archipelago at its finest! You will be picked up with our climate compensated busses in central Stockholm and arrive at Artipelag after 30 min transit. We recommend you to start your night with a drinks at the terrace to admire the beautiful view of Baggensfjärden. Take a seat in one of our rooms and enjoy our summery buffet. EXHIBITIONS 2020 SIGNATURE WOMEN – 100 years on the Swedish Art Scene (March 8 – September 27, 2020) On International Women’s Day, Sunday March 8th, the new exhibition Signature Women opened at Artipelag. Some 350 works by about fifty Swedish female artists are presented, well-known as well as previously marginalized names, active from the previous century up to current day. The selection comprises painting, sculpture, textile, crafts, drawings and graphic prints, photography and film. SCULPTURE IN NATURE Sculpture in Nature is the permanent outdoor exhibition at Artipelag. As its name suggests, the exhibition is about the synergy created when artworks are displayed against a natural backdrop rather than in the customary neutral white cube. The works can be seen along the walking paths in the surrounding forests and meadows, along the shores and at the entrance.

Banquet rooms

Have a dinner or party at Artipelag! Arrive by boat from the city and start the party onboard. Continue with a mingle in our beautiful entrance hall and be seated for dinner there, or in Artipelag Restaurant. Both the rooms have a fantastic view over the treetops and the sea. A dinner party for a smaller group can be enjoyed in one of our beautiful pavilions. Whatever you choose, we will do our best to make your dinner or party unforgettable. Please contact us and we will tell you more about our offers and suggestions for food and beverage for your dinner or party.


Artipelag is only 20 minutes away from central Stockholm. The fastest way to get here is by car or bus. For large parts of the year, you can also get here by sea. Visit our website for more information on timetables, etc.

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6 conference rooms
2 break out rooms
Max 1100 seats in the main room
450 seats in the restaurant
Adventure events
Ice sculpting
Walking poles
4 banquet rooms
Max 660 seats in the main room
Bus: Hålludden 0 min
Train: Centralen 20 min
Aviation: Arlanda 65 km
Stockholm: 20 km
+46 8-506 285 00